Let’s dance a son, the new album by Eliades Ochoa, has been available from January 26 on the website of the consecrated defender of traditional music. This proposal will be available in compact disc and vinyl formats from February 20.

This phonogram includes 11 songs. Of them are Eliades’s creations “Let’s dance un son” and “Un bolero para ti”, which mixes the sounds of son and flamenco and features a very heartfelt interpretation of the Argentine Andalusian cantaora. “I don’t want jealousy” is a guaracha by Roberto Carrión that Ochoa covers with an arrangement where the tres stands out. Agustín Lara’s bolero “As the cloud imposes itself on the sun” brings together the voices of Eliades and Pablo Milanés for the first time.

The album includes two well-known compositions by Ñico Saquito: “María Cristina” and “Qué mess Compay Andrés”, as well as “Pregón santiaguero”, by Lino Rengifo, “Description of a dream”, by José Predalle popularized in the 20th century by Los Compadres. The list is completed by “La casa de Pedro el lame”, by Pedro Méndez, “Baila con mi corazón”, by J. Eckl and KC Porter, as well as “Para ti nengón”, without a specified author.

In a recent publication on his official Facebook page, Eliades Ochoa invites everyone to enjoy Let’s dance a son and comments: “In every concert, in every interview, in every artistic tour it makes me happy to see that people’s interest in traditional music grows and that he is Cuban, the one that you and I love, has no borders ”. The renowned founder of the Buena Vista Social Club also participates in the next album by the Spanish C. Tangana. The Cuban points out in a recent post about this experience: “It is an immense pleasure to be part of this album and to be able to share with a wonderful cast (…)”. The album El madrileño brings together legendary figures such as Kiko Veneno, Andrés Calamaro, Jorge Drexler, José Feliciano, Toquinho, as well as the renowned flamenco music group Gipsy Kings, among other guests. Scheduled to be released on February 26, the material consists of 14 songs, including “Muriendo de envidia”, feat. Eliades Ochoa.

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