The Cuban Eliades Ochoa presents the new video for the song Un bolero para ti , a new version of a self-titled album from 2012 that includes in his Last job, Let’s dance a son . The singer has presented his latest work on an international tour that has included Spain and in which he has managed to fill all of his concerts.

Now, Ochoa su offers his audience the video of this new interpretation, which unites traditional Cuban music with flamenco and for this he has had the collaboration of the Huelva artist Argentina . The album Un bolero para ti earned its author four Latin Grammys Awards in 2012, in addition to many other international awards and recognitions.

In addition, with Eliades Ochoa, other artists such as Ry Cooder , Enrique Bumbury , Pablo Milanés, Armando Manzanero , Luis Eduardo Aute , Palo syrup , Moncho , Descemer Bueno and many more.
Eliades Ochoa
, guitarist, producer and star of the Buena Vista Social Club and leader of the Cuarteto Patria, is considered one of the most important Cuban soneros of all time, a notable defender of Cuban traditional music and the best guitarist of his generation. His trademark cowboy hat and his penchant for wearing black have led some to call him Johnny Cash from Cuba.
With Un bolero para ti, Eliades Ochoa
recounts the nostalgia he feels for not being with the woman he loves. The song was composed outside his beloved native Cuba. The artist has rescued this successful song in his last album of 2020 Let’s dance a son , with a new version that unites flamenco with traditional Cuban music. This new interpretation offers the expressive and sensual voices of Argentina and Eliades in which the melodic empathy of the duo is remarkable. The bolero is enriched by the accompaniment of José Quevedo on flamenco guitar and Eliades with the characteristic harmony of his guitar. This video was recorded at the end of 2019 at Sputnik Studios in Seville, where relevant shots of the video were made. The outdoor sections were made in an old Arab hacienda called Hacienda Montija Hotel and on the El Rompido Beach of Huelva. Ian Padrón is the director and scriptwriter of the audiovisual proposal Un bolero para ti. He is a recognized and multi-award winning Cuban director and director of films, documentaries, videos, and artistic director of galas and great artists. Padrón enriches the video footage of Eliades and Argentina with a flamenco dance couple, Emilio and Noelia, both from established Andalusian flamenco families.

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